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An Adultolescent is someone who relies on their parents for help when they’re in their mid twenties to thirties. They can also be known as a grown up living at their parent’s house. They stay at their parent’s house at these ages and expect to be “helped.” They want their parents to guide them as if they were still in high school and can’t do anything for themselves on their own, paying bills for them, making them meals, and doing their laundry even. Before you read you can kind of get the picture of the definition if you notice that the word is a mix between adult and adolescent.

Adultolescents exist everywhere. Now a day’s people of all ages still live with their parents. Personally I know some. They say “I am saving money, I will live there as at my parents as long as I can.” Parents want their children to have success so they “nurse” them. College students are coming home after graduation and staying with their parents. College students are leaving school early and going to community colleges and staying with their parents. Some people just live at their parents and work and don’t pay rent and use their pay checks to buy things of their own accord such as TV’s and video games. Traditionally people want to meet independence eventually. They want to marry and have children, have a home and a career and a car. These days it is becoming later and later that they do.

This situation is a result of many years of “nursing.” It seems that the parents who wanted their kids to be successful and gave them everything they need on their way, turned out to mold their kids in a way that the idea backfired. Instead of the teens being ready, they are molded into thinking they still need their parents help. They don’t want to leave, and they screw up when they do leave. By their parents babying them they don’t become independent. They become co-dependent. They become dependent on home-made meals and parents paying for insurance, phones, and most bills they have.

I believe this situation is not a good one. The people of today will eventually have to run things around here. As we proceed, people will be dying, people that lead the country and make big impacts. We are going to need strong and smart people to help run things for our generation or our generation will only be proceeding downhill. Also, we are changing things in the world just because of our adultolescents. It is now possible to be on your parent’s health insurance until your mid twenties. The age was I think 19, and only if you’re a full time student. The big reason, though that it is not good, is because the teens are acting dependent upon other adults. For example teens that don’t do homework and attend class think that their teacher should not fail them because of their potential, even though they didn’t attend class or do the work. This is just one example though. The situation is only growing worse.

What should be done about it? I’m not so sure. Is there anything people can do about it? It is parent’s choice. Parents can kick kids out after 18. In order to do anything about it, there would have to be a message to everyone, a message saying what is going on and what needs to take place and why. It would have to be researched and proved that what is going on is bad. It is in someone else’s hands.

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Source Evaluation Blog 6

The first source we evaluated wasn’t very reliable. First of all it is a .com page which means it is a company.You can tell its a company because right when you open the page there is an advertisement in the middle of the page. Not only that, it says it is a blog at the top. Most people wouldn’t use a blog for a source. furthermore, the date says 24, Jan. There is no year with the date. Overall, not a good source.

Source two, at first i was wondering about it, because it said “Ten Myths.” It turned out that it was answering the myths. There was a citation at the beginning. There was tons of references. There is evidence to support the responses to the myths. Lastly, it used .org at the end of the link which means it is an organization. Overall, a good source.

Source three is brief. It is a small amount of information on nanodocs, which are little electronic devices to go into people for x-rays and to see insides. They are to small to see so the -rays that they show, are enlarged. They aren’t poular yet, so they are being advertised on the site. It is a .com site, a company, after all. Since they are being promoted, you probably can’t trust that the source is a good one.

Source four looks like a good one. The source is current with the date of July 2010. It is a .gov or government site. Although you should be able to trust the government, some people may not. The information is good though. It is researched and backed with graphs. Also, there are no advertisements which means it is just an informational page. Overall, a good site.

Source five, i couldn’t look at. My browser said it could not open due to parental controls blocking the websites in this category: Alcohol/Tobacco.

My source i used for essay two was a good source. It came from Gale CENGAGE Learning. I got it off the school library’s electronic resources, from the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Obviously its a good source if it comes from there. The school would like us to use these sources. It is a RESOURCE  center. The source i used has information that makes sense. It has source citation at the bottom. It also has plenty of further readings if you want to get more information on the subject. All the information it gave is true and makes a good point. Overall, my source is a good source.

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blog prompt 5

David Neuberth

Professor Lee

Eng 121-171


Toulmin Analysis of “Gubernatorial Debate”



October 11, 2010, in the “Gubernatorial Debate” between O’Malley and Ehrlich, many topics were discussed such as improving education, raising taxes, and economic growth. O’Malley faced the topic about public education. The claim here would be seen generally as public education. Public education is the claim because it is the overall topic of discussion. However, it is an objective claim because it deals with regulations and policies the governor should uphold. Here, the regulation aspect would be bettering the education for lower achieving students. It is not subjective because it deals with lawful acts with education. However, the subclaim was that O’Malley was asked “what will you do to improve education in low performing schools (Moderator, 2)?” He began to discuss the record investments they keep track of, as well as, the number of ways to approach helping the schools. Improving low performing education of schools is the subclaim because it is the objective derived from the main claim, public education.

O’Malley provided information regarding the grants, charters, and tracking the students’ education through school. Maryland was one of the ten states that won the Race to the Top grants. The Race to the Top Effort will also attract high achieving leaders and teachers. These leaders and teachers benefit the student’s education and understand education of children is important to protect and attend to. Also, Baltimore held more charters than the rest of the state Maryland combined. The grants and charters are two good ways in improving the students to further their education through school. O’Malley also stated there will be a system that will track each student’s progress through school. This will follow through with an update of the records to ensure the low performing schools are excelling in education. This is all evident data because it is what O’Malley justified what he is going to do to improve the low performing education. This data backs up his main claim and will provide results for education.

The warrants of O’Malley’s perspective deal with the values of children.

He understands that the state should move forward together “as one people (O’Malley, 2).” He also states “I am tired of people putting down the achievements of poor children and children of color (O’Malley, 2). He relates the judgments other people make of citizens who are not as wealthy, or a different race as wrong. The achievements of any person should be looked at greatly as a success, regardless of the school they attend; in this case a low performing school.


Macfarlane, ron. “O’Malley Ehrlich debate transcript excerpts –” Baltimore Sun breaking news, sports, weather and traffic in Baltimore – N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <,0,4509393.story?page=2&gt;.

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critique on harry potter and the half blood prince

The critic S. G. Cardin views Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince positively. It is the sixth book in the series out of seven. He seems to like the book a lot He mentions how he didnt want to put the book down, that shows he was interested the book overall. He also said the mystery of the Horcrux’s had him guessing and holding on until the end. He lets the reader know in his description of the book that he enjoyed the fantasy and imagery in the novel. The critics criteria for evaluation is based upon characters, plot and pacing, dialogue, description, and thoughts and impressions. The authors evidence towards his evaluation is a little description of how the author met his criteria. The critic does use comparison in his critique to make his judgment. He compares to book five. The author does not discuss the audience for his critique.

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Stew’s On

My first reaction to Stew’s performance is that it wasn’t very funny at all. I did not see humor in the topic he was singing about although the way he sang and the audience laughed it made me think it was kind of being aimed to be funny.

I think Stew was trying to get across the point that black people are misrepresented and everybody kind of stereotypes what people think of the black people, however he says even blacks ski and even blacks listen to Beethoven and do things that white people stereotypically do.

His performance effects the argument by taking a serious subject like such and turning it into a song so it is represented differently. Taking the subject at a different angle instead of just talking about it or writing about it could make it more effective.

I agree with the very first review on the press page where it talks about how Stew is not trying to be funny. I personally didn’t find it funny or find the subject very necessary to be comical. He is a song writer.

If i could leave stew a response to his performance it would say that in my eyes he got his point across well, and he is a creative and imaginative singer.

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Hello world!


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